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Mazda 5

The Japanese company has finally established a people carrier that offers a little flair and a whole lot of practicality. The Mazda 5 combines the compact size of its five seater with the functionality of its seven seater.

The Mazda 5, is a vehicle that looks sharp while incorporating Mazda’s acclaimed ‘Karakuri’ seating system. The car reflects some similarities with Vauxhall’s groundbreaking Flex7 arrangement, but also introduces some new concepts as well. The car introduces a seat that can transform into an armrest or storage unit and an attempt to create communal space between all rear passengers. The Mazda5 is also the first car in its class to offer sliding doors, that add a touch of common sense and practicality to a car of this type. The Mazda provides one of the most enjoyable on-road driving experiences among in its class. The Mazda 5 shares the same chassis as some of the more popular and enjoyable brands. The car’s cabin design is far from spectacular rather dull. A few of Mazda’s attempts at uniqueness may actually backfire, and many buyers are skeptical of the car’s new log book system. The company assures buyers that maintenance performed by others will be documented as well.


 The car offers buyers good value for their money. The car is practical as a people carrier and a load lugger. The car’s six seating system plus one will come in very handy and add additional versatility to the vehicle. The car’s digital log system may lower resale values. The 5 is a six seater that offers an additional seventh seat when needed. The car offers very adequate cabin space and many versatile storage compartments. The car has over forty storage compartments total. The controls and dials are functional and easy to find. They are somewhat oudated looking and the backlighting is a yellow/green color and is less than impressive. The Mazda 5 offers much in the way of comfort. The driver’s seat is completely adjustable and can be reclined. The seat even offers lumbar support adjustment. The steering wheel is adjustable for reach and rake, and the 2+3+2 seating arrangement works well and provides good headroom though the central seat in the second row will be uncomfortable on long journeys. The Mazda 5 is the only car in its segment in Europe to have sliding doors. This has done wonders for the car’s accessibility. They open easily and widely providing easy entry and exit from the car’s cabin.The car offers a dual-stage tailgate, designed so that shorter people can easily close the car’s boot. The car can be difficult to park. Judging distance in the car can be difficult and rear visibility isn’t great. The car does not come standard with parking sensors but may be a good idea as a cost option to buyers.

 Life Style

 The Mazda 5 delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. The car provides good acceleration, excellent braking, and direct steering. The Mazda 5 is at the top of its class in drivability. The Mazda 5 is a terrific family vehicle. It offers buyers a lot in terms of space, practicality, and versatility. Families will enjoy the choice of seating arrangements being offered and the amount of practical storage space that is included. This is not likely to be a good first car for many newly licensed drivers. Its size will be more than most new drivers require, and the car poses significant parking issues for new and inexperienced drivers. The car’s exterior finish is excellent, but the car’s interior finish lacks something to be desired. The car provides excellent value for the money but image conscious buyers will most likely opt for a bigger name brand.

 Security and Safety

Security has not been overlooked in the Mazda 5. The car comes equipped standard with an engine immobiliser system, and a Thatcham Category-1 security alarm system. This system has an intrusion sensor that detects break-ins through the windows or other openings. The car comes standard with three-point seat belts and adjustable headrests on all seats. There are front and side airbags for the driver and front passenger, and large curtain airbags come standard on all three rows.

 The Finishing Touches

The car’s stereo system includes a standard audio system with an AM/FM radio and a CD player with six speakers. Sport models get an autochanger and two additional speakers. Sound quality is good but not great. A 20 gigabyte Hard Disk Drive sound system can be ordered as a rear entertainment system that includes a seven-inch LCD and DVD player. There are two interior trim and material packages, the first offers a light beige colour, and the second package offers a basic black. The beige package creates a spacious feeling but will get dirty faster. Dark exterior colours can make the car look heavy and metallic colours look more flattering but cost extra.


The Mazda 5 offers more in the way of practicality rather than style, it is very different to look at compared to cars such as the Mazda 3. It’s dependable nature and fair pricing will be attractive to buyers, however competition is very high in this segment and buyers will be tempted to shop around for the best deal or the most exclusive badge name for some.