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Toyota Avensis

Recently Toyota has developed an interest in manufacturing more exciting cars.  The Avensis is one such car. Available in saloon form, hatch form and estate form, the car is designed for comfort but has also paid close attention to the choice of materials used in the cabin by using premium quality materials.

Toyota’s Avensis suspension was honed at famous racetracks, and the car’s engines were perfected on proven race-prepared units. Despite this, the Avensis is based more on luxury than for sporty appeal. This Avensis boasts an excellent exterior style that will turn heads. To cut the car some slack, while its unusual nose is its most challenging feature from most other angles it looks refined and measured. And that’s the image Toyota would like you to identify with when looking at its mid-size contender. The Avensis certainly carries itself with more dignity than some of its closest rivals, as the emphasis is clearly on cosseting occupants and isolating them from the outside world, although driver involvement has been sacrificed. This won’t be a cause for complaint for many, though. Toyota knows its core customers have always preferred refinement to a racy personality.


The Avensis is a cheap car both to but and run. With low insurance rates, good fuel economy, and a decent asking price, the Avensis will continue to be an inexpensive invetment. The diesel engine improves fuel economy dramatically.The cabin is spacious and will easily accommodate four adults. The rear passengers will have a bit less legroom. In the front, occupants of the Avensis will be comfortable with plenty of head and legroom. The boot is a respectable size, able to swallow a day’s worth of shopping. The gauges are all easy to read and are logically placed. The audio controls are of quailty construction. The Sat-nav ststem sits atop the fascia, making it easier to watch the road. The seats are a bit soft but are extremely supportive. The Avensis is able to make even long trips bearable. The rear seat will sit two adults or three children. Taller occupants will fare far better if they sit in the front of the cabin. Getting into the front is easy as the wide door apertures allow for unrestriced access. Climbing into the rear things are a bit different however.  With smaller rear door apertures, it’s a bit more difficult to access the rear seats. The boot is easy to gain access to once the hatch is open, though it does require a little work. Parking the Avensis is easy thanks to the light, precise power-steering. Though judging distances can be a bit difficult due to the wide rear pillars and shape of the bonnet.

 Life Style

 The Avensis is not a sports car, even with alloy wheels the car’s geared more toward comfort and refinement. Wind and road noise is successsfully kept to a minimum, and the car’s seats are soft but supportive. The main controls are well lit and easy to use. The car cruises along effortlessly  and effectively eliminates  road imperfections. All engines on offer deliver above average levels of refinement, with the diesel variants delivering impressive fuel economy and performance. The Avensis will easily accommodate a family. The hatch and estate variants are the most versatile, and will hold large loads with little effort. The rear seats are fitted with Isofix child seat mounting points. The Avensis is an easy car to drive and is a perfect first car for new drivers. The car’s steering and gearshift are light, but parking can be a little tricky. Toyota customers are usually very satisfied with the company’s quality and image. Many buyers are attracted to the Toyota brand  thanks to its reputation for building reliable, long lasting cars. The company enjoys a large loyal following of customers.

 Safety and security

 The Avensis, although not the most atractive car is well protected with, remote central locking, an imobilizer, and an alarm feature acrross the range. Other options for the Avensis are security sketching and visible VIN which are both cost efficient. The Avensis comes with a first-class safety kit. Twin front, side and curtain airbags come as standard, along with an airbag under the steering column for the driver. Rear Isofix mounting points are also thrown in across the range. On the active front, ABS plus electronic traction and stability controls are present.

 The Finishing Touches

 The cars standard adio system includes, a unique-fit radio with a legible LCD display, RDS plus a single CD slot and cassette player.  The systems controls are easy to use  and the basic ones are copied on to the steering wheel. The unit provides good sound quality. The contols, dials, and knobs can be small and hard to use depending on the model you get. However the optional full-color DVD system is fast but can be costly.The Avensis is not the most atttractive car but it’s image can be improved if the buyer goes for a lighter exterior color. The cars inside is more casual with all the dark plastics which dominate, however the center console does brighten it up a bit.


 The Avensis delivers a comfortable cabin, a supple ride and good  road manners. The Avensis can definitely hold its own with rival brands. The car does lack a little something when it comes to driver involvement though. The car does deliver  high levels of standard comfort and safety kit that is coupled with an impressive range of engines. If you are interested in purchasing an Avensis, head over to

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