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Toyota MR2: The naughty sidepiece

We’ve all been there, we were young, we wanted to start a family, we met our first proper car and saw a great future for the two of us. The car is perfect, it does every thing you need it to, it takes care of the kids and provides ample room for your emotional baggage, yet you can help but turn your head when a newer, better looking sportier car passes you buy. You gaze at the rear as it disappears in to the distance. Sure the old comfortable, loyal and ample second hand Citroen C4 Picasso is what you want on a day to day bases, but on the weekend, every now and then, you desire a different kind of thrill.

Only thing is you cant afford to put the same amount of investment in a side piece, but at the same time you don’t want to end up getting inside one that is full of unsavory left overs from the previous owners, with a dodgy engine that splutters out a load of rubbish. You want something similar to you, something that has maybe had its day, but when you look at it, you still see a trace of youth and vibrancy, another that is lost in this world, finding a new void that should be mutually filled. Queue, the second hand Toyota MR2.



It might not be the best looking sports car out there, but it looks nice enough and the performance it offers is absolutely perfect, for me anyway. The other good thing is even though the MR2 can offer you this kind of performance, it isn’t a fortune to insure or tax, which surprised me, furthermore it’s running costs are surprisingly low, though I guess that’s easier for my MR2 seeing as a I don’t use it on a day to day basis. When me and my other half were considering getting a second car there were all sorts of cars in our shortlist, including the second hand Citroen C3 picasso and a second hand Mini Convertible, I’m so glad we decided to get a MR2 at the fraction of the price.

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