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Vauxhall Zafira

Vauxhall Zafira

 The Zafira provides seating for seven on a compact platform with good passenger space. The second generation is very similar to the first generation Zafira, but the second generation has been enhanced in every area. It’s exterior design has been enhanced, it drives better, and represents better value for money.

The new Zafira is just as practical as its predecessor, and may be the best compact seven seat MPV available on the market today. The excellent Flex7 seating system has been retained, and still remains one of the best systems available. The Zafira has been given the same attractive nose as the Astra. The car has also received larger headlights for an overall more attractive look. The Zafira has a very distinguished look and won’t be mistaken for any other car on the street. The car’s rear-end has been enhanced as well, it boasts a large rear window, broad tailgate and neatly arranged taillights. Vauxhall’s designs are both unique and classy and the company has no problem getting the attention of buyers.


The Zafira will be inexpensive to buy and run. Low insurance, good fuel economy, and low service charges off set the slightly higher asking price. The diesel engine will further improve fuel economy. The cabin is spacious and will provide sufficient space to all occupants, though the front passengers will enjoy the most head and legroom. The boot is large and will accommodate the needs of a family easily. The gauges are clear and concise. They seem to be of higher quality than what the price may suggest. The buttons and knobs are of high quality too with a weighted feel. The fascia is uncluttered and the controls are both functional and practical. The cabin is quite and serene. The rear seat passengers all have enough room to be comfortable, but the front seat occupants will be by far the most comfortable. The seats are firm and shouldn’t sag as the old seats did. Although the rear passengers will climb through swinging doors rather than sliding ones, access is simple, even in crowded parking lots. The hatch is light and opens wide to offer unrestricted access to the enormous boot. Parking the Zafira is easy, though due to its seven-seating nature reverse parking can be a bit difficult. When pulling into a parking space forwards, the bonnet can be slightly difficult to judge until you get used to the size of the vehicle. Light power steering and smooth acceleration aid in slow maneuvers.

 Life Style

The Zafira shares the same chassis with the Astra. The Zafira provides a very enjoyable ride. The powerful VXR version is most impressive, and needs to have  strong, responsive underpinnings. Vauxhall’s optional IDS-Plus system includes electronic Continuous Damping Control (CDC) and an optional sport chassis, but the Zafira functions very well without it. The Zafira is a very family-friendly car. The car can seat seven easily and will accommodate a growing family and all of the items associated with family life. Cabin space is more than adequate, and the cabin provides excellent levels of comfort. This is not a good first car. There aren’t many new drivers who have the need for a seven seater. There are many more appropriate first cars available. The Zafira feels like a much classier and more refined car than its predecessor. The Zafira is not seen as the upmarket vehicle that it is, it is mostly held in a much lower regard.

 Security and Safety

The car comes standard with remote central deadlocking. A security alarm system is included with SRi and VXR trim levels. There are other optional extras available.The car’s safety features include twin front, side and head curtain airbags. Active Head Restraints are not provided in all models. The Zafira has been designed to meet all European safety guidelines.

 The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a single-slot CD radio. Upgrades are available but are likely to be very expensive. Buyers may want to consider the CDC 40 stereo radio with DAB and integral six-disc changer, or the Twin Audio system, that allows passengers in the back to listen to a different station or CD. The Zafira comes with less kit, but prices are also lower fairly reflecting what is on offer. Options are available such as the Panoramic sunroof and towing pack.


 The Zafira is probably the best all-round family vehicle on the market. The car’s flexibility and practicality can’t be beat. Buyers will have no problem recognizing the value for money the car represents.

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