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Volkswagen Jetta Review

The Jetta is Volkswagen’s Golf-like compact saloon. The car boasts exceptional levels of refinement, and manages to stand out among the other competitors in this sector of the market.

The compact saloon has faced somewhat of an uphill battle in the UK market unless it’s sported a premium badge. The exceptions to this have been Volkswagen’s Jetta and Bora. The Jetta is one of the most popular cars in the compact saloon sector. VW chose the Bora to bring the competition to its rivals BMW and Audi. The company has reverted back to the Jetta name. The Volkswagen Jetta is essential the same as a Golf, only with a boot. The Jetta is now closer to the slightly bigger Passat. The Passat and the Jetta share the larger car’s trademark grille. The Jetta also bears other similarities with the Passat that are not quite as obvious. The Jetta’s cabin shares many similarities with the Golf. The interior cabin provides excellent interior space and makes the cabin comfortable and relaxing. The Jetta is a large car with a large boot and plenty of space on hand.


The Volkswagen Jetta is an expensive car to buy, but running costs can be kept to a minimum. Servicing charges will be low, and fuel economy will be decent, if you opt for the diesel variant. Resale values will be high so the high asking price will be offset. The cabin is spacious and will provide more than enough room for all passengers. The car is capable of comfortably accommodating four adults. The boot is of generous proportions and is big enough to carry luggage for four. The car can meet the needs of family life quite easily. The gauges are clear and concise. They are logically placed and functional. The car’s main controls and dials are large enough and easy to use. The controls are functional, though not all practical. The sat-nav system is a bit complicated to operate and may take some getting used to. Passengers will be comfortable, though the seats are soft, they are supportive. With plenty of head and legroom, even the rear passengers will rarely complain. Wind and road noise are low and the only real intrusion is the diesel engine at motorway speeds. Accessing the cabin is easy with wide door apertures and a high roofline. The boot is easily accessed and provides a large opening and a low load lip. Most passengers shouldn’t have any problem accessing the car’s cabin. Parking the Jetta is relatively easy but for the less confident, parking sensors are optional on most models. They will prove to be invaluable when reverse parking as distance beyond the boot is difficult to judge.

 Life Style

 Volkswagen promotes itself as a manufacturer of stylish cars with a premium feel, but with the Jetta the driving experience lacks something to be desired. The steering and throttle response are somewhat disappointing, but the car does provide a smooth ride for the most part. The Jetta is able to deal effectively with most road imperfections, and the diesel engines are the best choices for power and fuel economy. The Jetta could function quite well as a family car. Its boot is large and rear cabin space is adequate. The car’s seating is not as versatile or plentiful as the Touran, but the Jetta could accommodate a smaller family. The Jetta could also function fairly well as a first car. The car provides excellent forward visibility, and when fitted with the less powerful engines will boast low running costs and low insurance rates. The Jetta is well built, and thanks to a trend in improved quality Volkswagen is gaining respect in this area. The Jetta is evidence of the company’s commitment to increased quality. The Volkswagen brand is highly regarded and popular among buyers.

 Security and Safety

 The Jetta comes standard with remote central locking and an engine imobilizer package. The door locking buttons are hidden from outside eyes, which helps keep the attention of an unlocked car to a minimum. Some additional security measures may be desired such as a steering wheel lock or a tracking device. The Jetta’s safety features include twin front, side, and curtain airbags. The Jetta also comes with anti locking brakes, and electronic security aids.

 The Finishing Touches

 The Jetta, like the Volkswagen Golf  comes with a high quality audio package, with easy to use controls. The sound quality is good, along with the placement, which is high on the centralfascia. Some possible upgrades include a CD changer and a sat-nav system. For the Jetta, like many other VW models classy, but laid back metallic colours work best for the exterior. It’s also worth noting that light colors compliment the cars grille as well. The interior is made up of mostly dark plastics but has a nice feel.


 The Volkswagen Jetta boasts an excellent build quality and good levels of refinement. The car has a lot to offer, but more badge conscious buyers may look elsewhere. Other more practical buyers are likely to recognize the car’s quality and functionality.

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